About Us

In this day and age, every business need to find some broader vision of their own for better existence and development. (This is a time in the company where you need to find some broader perspective to make it easier to survive in the competitive world.) Some measures can be taken to help remain invincible under the wave of unpredictable commercial tide, such as strengthening management philosophy from a global perspective and optimizing the usage of business management resources superiority. However, there still exists gap in pushing forward for business globalization and transformation. The larger the entity the more likely that the cost will spend.
There is no doubt solving the gap between parent company and subsidiary company in culture, language, laws and regulations, commercial background and values etc. when making the case for globalization, as well as the difference in mutual understandings and communications between management level and executive level, even the implementation of basic business and IT system construction. A lack of awareness of these differences can create unnecessary trouble in the practice.
ibg, InterBridge Group
Aimed at supporting the development and transformation of becoming increasingly globalized, we provide support to resolve discrepancies and achieve effective internal and external communications, so as to maximize the enterprise's value. Additionally, we have abundant experience in realizing enterprise strategy in the field of the implementation of business and IT system construction, which is beneficial to our clients to acquire high-quality advisory services and to maximize its strategic target. Nevertheless, we won’t be like the traditional consulting firms which are likely to put forward the solution as the purpose and end of the advisory services. Instead, it is, as will be plain, the collaborative approach that we pursue. We play a role as a facilitator in coming up with solutions and assisting in setting the implement of solutions moving forward continuously. We are committed to produce greater value for our clients.