Our History

The rise of young leaders, the continuing health activities, the strengthening of the Japanese business.
Not only making a contribution in the project, but also the cultural construction activities which is led by management level originally, the younger leaders are now regarded as the core to take participant in it. For example, our co-workers display great initiative in training and development program for newbies, and making recommendations to top management about what ibg should be, what ibg can be and what ibg will be. Still, they take active part in organizing colleagues to promote the discussion on how to combine personal dreams with enterprise growth. The inheritance of the ibg gene begins to sprout this year. Meanwhile, in 2015, ibg has received strong support and assistance from all sides and delivered several speeches due to the marketing activities on healthcare since 2013. For further expansion in Japan, relevant mechanism was consolidated this year.
Strategic objectives come into force.
This is a year to start a new medium-term plan. One of the strategic objectives is the reform of management system. Major in consulting service, ibg operates independently and stand in the client's point of view. We explicitly raised in our company since it was establishment. Yet what is particularly worth mentioning here is the optimizing of iSoul system used as a consultation tool. From the aspect of marketing, we delivered a speech in IVD seminar. In addition, what the most wonderful thing is that seven new entrants joined ibg family.
Formulate the near medium-term plan and start marketing campaign.
It is the last year of the five-year medium-term plan, and we all accomplished the goal in the previous four years. So we Formulate the new medium-term plan. As we can see, China's economic growth is gradually slowing down. We discuss on the next three-year plan starting in 2014.The new personnel system established in the last year also began to implement. We invest a lot of time and efforts in continue to improve the system of full participation and the process in understanding, resonance, penetration, and stereotypes. In addition, healthcare industry is one of our key working programs. The speech in the pharmaceuticals seminar and the exchanging meeting in Chinese medicine market will be operated in the same year.
The foundation on its 5th anniversary and enthusiastically implement in activation programs.
The transition of the Chinese regime and the first economic growth forecast in the past 8 years, has brought a strong history to this year. We carry out different activities based on the topic of ‘watch your step’ on the occasion of the foundation on its 5th anniversary. In the i-change program, we organize the ceremony to commemorate the foundation on its 5th anniversary and team building activities like new year's banquet held in Japan (Osaka, Kyoto). In order to promote mutual communication, we give internal exchange campaign named ‘Monthly I be “G”’, and you can write down your ‘smile’ to everyone who you want to thank. It is essential for management level to keep pace with the growth of company when building a powerful organization. This year we reform the personnel system to be more clear and more practically.
Launch of iCCP
In March 11th of the same year, the eastern Japan earthquake brought a huge scar to Japan. The impact of the supply chain to the world is also considerable. Though being far away from Japan, we consider what can be done and in the end we implement the iCCP. For young people who have a future in Japan, there are a lot of things that they need to know from places outside of Japan. In addition, the future goal is clear, but some of our family members desert their jobs. We call former employees ‘graduates ‘, as we expect to maintain a good relationship of trust with graduates.
The formulation and implementation of the fifth-year plan
On the occasion of the foundation on its 3th anniversary, ibg held a plenary meeting in Shanghai Sun Island. It requires everyone to reassess the views and hope in the previous year's short-term strategy which is about to lose. When achieving the unity of recognition, it is inevitable to debate on the bottom line that the problem about values. We exchange our views frankly to enhance mutual understanding, no limited to nationality, position, experience and gender. In July of the same year, we also replaced the new office. Taking design into consideration, we move to the new office, that is the current address.
The unification of shared sense of crisis and short term strategy
The previous year's financial crisis has brought a huge impact on consulting industry. Enterprise is experienced more pressure coming from the marketplace. In order to dispel the concerns, developing a more clear and realistic strategy is needed now more than ever. Give up the new business tried in the previous year and clear the focus of the field that resources should be devoted. What we do is sharing the sense of crisis with employees, discussing how to get through the difficulties together, and creating a new personnel system. In addition, the projects have been successful in ferocious business environment and building trusted customer relationships with a long term focus. This has become a huge wealth. Also, it is an opportunity for ibg to create a new era of business!
Expand the scale and challenge the new business
More and more employees begin to acknowledge ibg, and by the end of the year, ibg has 30 employees. The office is too narrow to hold so many people, so we move to a new location in May. We attach much weight to challenges of the heart, and we discuss the implementation of the new business the same year. We know we must rise to the challenge to try hard to develop the ECO, IR, Traceability and other business, but without success with regret. In addition, world's top500 companies in consulting industry have become our clients. iSoul developed in 2007 plays a big role in consulting and leaves a good performance.
On May 27, 2007, ibg was founded in Shanghai
At the beginning of the establishment, ibg only had four members. The scale is small, but we are ambitious to become a famous consulting firm acting as an interbridge to solve the "boundary" of the various issues. We are not just focus on a particular area. We have the demand for employees who are expertise, considerable insight and the leadership to push for solutions. This year, we also ushered in a dynamic excellent intern. The hands-on training has developed to become the basis of the Level Training Entry (2 weeks) and the Rookie Practice (3 months).