Service Content

Establish a bridge of communication between management layer and LOB in the process of corporate strategy development to confirm that the goal is practical. We believe that, based on the understanding of the general description and objectives of the enterprise, the final implementation of the strategic plan can achieve the expected results. Only in this way can a consulting firm realize its value.
When making strategy for the independent business department, our advantage lies in understanding the overall plan and the whole business of the enterprise. It can effectively decrease the difficulty of the implementation of the strategy and avoid duplication of investment.
Business consulting is the core service of ibg. We build long term relationship with business department and play a vital role in cross-department business cooperation.
In the company, each business department has its own particularities. ibg calculates the overall of the enterprise and tailors workshops to the specific needs of the company.
If the information is the blood in the enterprise, then the IT system is the blood vessels in the enterprise. With the expansion of enterprises, IT system plays a vital role in the strategic planning of enterprises.
ibg takes advantage of self-developed IT tools to assist our consultants with customizing IT system solutions. Flexible design concepts can respond to changing market conditions and business needs in a longer period of time.