In the pharmaceutical sales management, the industry leaders to academic promotion strategic transformation. Affected by the policy of the industry, the level of internal risk control should be improved. Under the constraint of risk control, how to guarantee the sales of enterprises has become a huge problem. ibg has rich experience in in business intelligence, sales force automation (SFA). Based on this, ibg are committed to establishing strategic transformation roadmap for the outstanding multinational pharmaceutical enterprises, and providing integrated solutions for medical representative management.
Precision instruments and other high-tech companies are facing multiple challenges in terms of sales management. Especially for enterprises of various promotional products, inventory cost control and demand management has become a key issue. In the precision instrument industry, ibg provides design support for multinational enterprises to establish the Asia Pacific region logistics center. Using the concept of the latest pull type logistics for the establishment of the information and physical high-speed switching channels, achieving the automatic demand forecast and a significant reduction in inventory management.
The R&D department of precision instrument industry attaches great importance to the training of talents, but the talent skill is highly specialized, which makes limitation of the flow and call of talents. Staring with implement of simple system, ibg provides rapid and practical evaluation model for enterprises, so as to quickly program the occupation career for the staff.